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GIPS® Standards Pre-Compliance Diagnostics


We gather information about your actual business operations and evaluate against various compliance capability requirements


We provide you with a comprehensive customized recommendation report about your current state and compliance capability


We provide your team with online training and monitor and coach them as they implement the requirements to claim compliance 


GIPS® Pre-Compliance Diagnostics Service Package Features

Implementation Toolkit

Toolkit of customized checklists, guides, summaries, policies and procedures and Composite creation  tools to jumpstart the implementation process

Custom Implementation Plan

Implementation Project Plan tailored to your specific needs and situation to guide your implementation team to successfully implement compliance

Custom Diagnostics Report

Diagnostics report that is tailored to your specific situation, with specific recommendations, corrective actions and  GIPS® standards references

Implementation Coaching

Coaching and recommending best action for issues encountered to your implementation team during the implementation process

Pre-Verification Check

Conducting a post implementation pre-verification check to identify any outstanding issues and recommend corrective action prior to an annual Verification

Verification Discount

Get up to 25% discount on Verification within 12 months of completing the GIPS® compliance implementation process for your entity

Associated Course Discount

Get up to 50% discount on associated GIPS® courses  for your team of up to 10 persons, based on your subscription plan

Insider Pro Access

Get complimentary access to our Composite Insider online learning and membership platform to keep on learning and stay updated 

Exclusive Webinars

Exclusive one-on-one webinars with your team to discuss reports and other helpful tips and recommendations based on subscription plan



Start With Qualification if Not Sure

Not all entities qualify to comply with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS® ). So we offer this Pre-GIPS® Qualification Assessment for you to check whether your entity qualifies to consider compliance before you make the commitment towards the full diagnostics.


Sign up for a Full Diagnostics Package

Once you have tried the Pre-GIPS® Qualification Assessment, you will receive your Qualification Assessment Report that will indicate whether you qualify to consider compliance with the GIPS® or not. If you do qualify, you can purchase any of the Pre-GIPS Diagnostics Packages (Pre-GIPS Diagnostics or Pre-GIPS Diagnostics Plus) and receive access to the Full Pre-GIPS® diagnostics tool and associated training courses.


Provide Diagnostics Information & Complete Course

Once you complete the diagnostics process, we will evaluate the information you provided about your entity and its activities to form our view and provide recommendations about how your entity can comply with the Global Investment Performance Standards ( GIPS®) and the steps your entity should take to effectively implement and claim compliance. If you subscribed to the GIPS® Diagnostics Plus, then your other services will kick in too.

Pricing Plans

Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) Diagnostics

gips ® qualification

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Normally $199.95 one time


  • Foundation of GIPS Course Access for 3 participants
  • PDF Course Manual and Workbook
  • Live Course Module Review Sessions
  • Course Discussion Forum Access
  • Checklist for Practical Implementation
  • Custom Qualification Diagnostic Report
  • 1 Month Insider Pro Free Access
  • Up to 50% Course Discount for additional team members
pre-gips® diagnostics plus

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Normally Starts at $999/mo


  • All Pre-GIPS Diagnostics Package Benefits
  • Practice of GIPS Course Access for 3 participants
  • Practice Course Benefits
  • Up to 10% additional discount for additional course participants
  • Custom Implementation Work Plan
  • Policies & Procedures Tool
  • Composite Guide Tool
  • 6 Months Implementation Coaching
  • Pre-Verification Check
  • Up to 25% Verification discount
  • 5 More Months Insider Pro Access

Pick Your Plan and Start Now

Select your preferred starting point. If you 'Start With Qualification' then you get all the benefits for that plan. If you 'Skip Qualification' then you do not get the benefits of the 'Qualification' plan. We recommend that you only 'Skip Qualification' if you definitely know you qualify and do not want the additional benefits of the 'Qualification' plan

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